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DK2460 (DC to AC Inverter Pure Sine Wave FCC/KC Class)

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DK2460 (DC to AC Inverter Pure Sine Wave FCC/KC Class)

│ Specification │

DC input voltage 24V
DC input voltage standard 26.8V
Output voltage no load 225Vac (±3%)
Output power continuous 6000W (±3%)
Surge rating 12000W (±3%)
Effciency(output) 91% (±3%)
No load current no fan 1.0A
on fan 2.28A
Low battery shut down 20.0V
Low battery return on power 22.4V
High battery shut down 31.7V
High battery return on power 30.0V
Frequency selection(50hz/60hz) 50hz/60hz selection (±0.8hz)
Regullation 6500W / 222Vac
Over temperature protection -25℃ ~ 74℃ (78℃ ± 5℃)
Over temperature power on 58℃ (60℃ ±5℃)
Output wave form Pure sine wave (Digitalized signal process)
Cooling fan(auto fan) 44℃ on (±5℃)
Insulation transformer tester
withstand voltage)
2KV ~ 2.5KV (±0.5KV)
input sensor Included
input fuse 40A(8EA) 30A(2EA)
output sensor Included
output circuit breaker 32A~35A HS (high speed)
AC outlet outlet 15A/terminal 30A~60A
FCC EMI/EMC FCC part 15 sub part B class A
Products blocking noise control Included
D225 * H158 * W540mm

│ Applicable Equipment │

Precision test equipment, precision medical equipment, precision audio and video equipment, solar lamps, mercury / Halogen / HQI lamps, non-linear load[motor/coil, etc], other electrical or electronic equipment, and equipment which could experience malfunction due to similar step form waves.

*The product specifications may be changed without motice for the improvement of performance

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DK2460 _DC to AC Inverter Pure Sine Wave FCC_KC Class_