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DK2410K (DC to AC Inverter Pure Sine Wave FCC/KC Class)

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DK2410K (DC to AC Inverter Pure Sine Wave FCC/KC Class)

│ Specification │

DC input voltage 24V
DC input voltage standard 26.4V
Output voltage no load 225Vac (±3%)
Output power continuous 10KW (±3%)
Surge rating 20K (±3%)
Effciency(output) 91% (±3%)
No load current no fan 0.98A (±0.1A)
on fan 2.4A (±0.1A)
Low battery shut down 20.1V( ±1.0A)
Low battery return on power 22.4V( ±1.0A)
High battery shut down 31.7V (±1.0A)
High battery return on power 29.7V (±1.0A)
Frequency selection(50hz/60hz) 50hz/60hz selection (±0.5hz)
Regullation 12KW / 220Vac
Over temperature protection -25℃ ~ 74℃ (78℃ ± 5℃)
Over temperature power on 58℃ (±5℃)
Output wave form Pure sine wave (Digitalized signal process)
Cooling fan(auto fan) Fan on temperature 40℃ (±5℃)
Insulation transformer tester
withstand voltage)
2KV ~ 2.5KV (±0.5KV)
input sensor Included
input fuse 40A (14EA)
output sensor Included
output circuit breaker 60A HS (high speed)
AC outlet 2 socket(15P) / terminal(60A~3P)
Products blocking noise control Included
D225 * H158 * W750mm

│ Applicable Equipment │

Precision test equipment, precision medical equipment, precision audio and video equipment, solar lamps, mercury / Halogen / HQI lamps non-linear load[motor/coil, etc], other electrical or electronic equipment, and equipment which could experience malfunction due to similar step form waves

*The product specifications may be changed without motice for the improvement of performance

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DK2410K _DC to AC Inverter Pure Sine Wave FCC_KC Class_