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Automatic Transfer Switch 50A

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[Basic Infomation]
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  • MaterialAluminum & etc
  • Size214 * 76 * 280 mm
  • Weight4 kg

[HanSeo Power Co Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information



Model Specifications
Output voltageTransfer
input voltage
DP-50ATS50A / 11Kw

/ 50.60Hz

DC12V / 24V
(DC48V 16mA)
214×76×280+68℃ ±5℃
-20℃ ±5℃
DP-30ATS30A / 6.6Kw214×76×2302.9kg
DP-20ATS20A / 4.4Kw214×76×2302.7kg
DP-50ATSU50A / 5.5KwAC100V ~120V
/ 50.60Hz
DP-30ATSU30A / 3.3Kw214×76×2302.7kg
DP-20ATSU20A / 2.2Kw214×76×2302.7kg

How to be converted to ACCurrent consumption
(DC 12V/24V/48V)
Instant conversion time
Program(software)12V/24V : 0.034A(34mA)
48V : 0.016A(16mA)

Band time 16m/sec~26m/sec

◆ Product Characteristics
A. Our most advanced transfer switch, which can be automatically converted to three phases of AC power
with software, operates with low power consumption of DC12V 34mA OR 24V 34mA.
B. AC power conversion time is between 16m/sec and 26m/sec, in which general equipment can be operated
without power failure.
C. AC power is automatically converted according to three AC voltages such as
1. City power [local(home) electricity] 2. Generator 3. Inverter.
You can easily check the voltage on display lamp (if there is city power [local(home) electricity and generator
, inverter power is promptly operated)
※ By considering AC power's safety, you should connect AC power in order such as 1. City(home) power,
2. Generator, and 3. Inverter, in which you can empty No.2 (generator) as it is. Therefore, please connect
AC power in order such as 1, 2, and 3.

◆ Usage:Please use it according to the following order.
1. DC12V / 24V power(input power)
It is equipment's input power, which is connected to battery's + - terminal with connector cables(+(red) and
- (black)). (Please connect it with battery (inverter's power(No.3))
2. Transfer power switch (on power lamp)
It is a power switch(on/off switch)
Usage : Turn it on after connecting + - terminals. Then , turn it off again and connect AC power (1, 2, and 3)
to inverter(3)'s No.6 pin terminal.(connecting order: connect it after checking order and method of (3) 3-way
AC power terminals)
※ Ref : 1,2, and 3 are powered on, related LEDs are lit up together.
3. 3-way AC power(6pin) terminal
First, you should turn 2's power switch off. connect power terminals in order such as [1. city(home) power
2. generator, and 3. inverter]. If you confuse No. with No2. it is not correctly connected.
Please keep in mind that "3" is exclusively for inverter, which is appointed according to the program
How to connect : as for 3-way connection
※ Make basic connection according to the following explanation.

If you want to install equipment in a different manner than that of the basic connection.
1. When the user wants to first connect inverter, connect its output power (AC220V or AC10V) to the
city power position(1) and then, connect city power to generator position (2).
2. When the user wants to first connect city power , but city power (1) on its original position connect
the inverter to 3, and then, leave 2 as it is.
3. When the user wants to only use city power and generator, connect city power and generator to 1
and 2, respectively. At this time, the transfer switch can be operated when 12V / 24V/ 48V battery
power(DC voltage) are supplied to it, in which basic current 0.03A (34mA) is needed.
4. LED lamp
It is a display lamp for the 3-way AC power supply terminal (3).
you can check what power is operated by using this lamp.
※ Lamp(LED) classification : 1. orange color lamp - City power [local(home) electricity], 2. Blue color lamp
- generator, and 3. Green color lamp - inverter
5. AC outlet
It is an outlet to connect your wanted equipment(load). Because the outlet has a maximum 15A capacity,
please used it under appointed power rate.
6. Earth ground
It is the AC source ground, which connects A's, B's and C's ground (3).
7. AC30A / 50A terminal
Use it for electric power when equipment capacity is higher than 15A. When you connect it, you should
use an outlet to connect the terminal. Please check the wire's thickness and connecting points.
8. Protector switch
It is an automatic breaker switch and functions as both an AC outlet (5) and terminal fuse (7). it is
blocked and overloaded and if you operate it again, you turn it on and off. When the equipment is
powered by more than 30A or 50A or if AC power is short, it is automatically blocked.
9. Charger consent(charger power)
It is used for charging a battery by connecting the charger/s power, which is only charged with local
electricity. When you want to charge it by using a generator or an inverter, you should connect
it to the whole output power (5).

◎ Caution : 3-way (3) connection
* When you wire and connect "1", "2", and "3", please check connecting order and positions.
* When the AC cord is a 3-colored wire, please make sure that you do not connect the terminals to the earth
* We recommend installing it after consulting with specialist.





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Automatic Transfer Switch 50A